Welcome to The Metal Detectives University.

The Metal Detectives University is a 21st century environment for learning and viewing digital media using the MOD Machine Media On Demand content delivery system from Leaping Brain Labs.

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(Reliable internet connection required.)

The Metal Detectives University offers many advantages over books, DVDs, online courses and even classroom training:

dInstant delivery.

Unlike DVDs or books, courses you order through The Metal Detectives University are delivered instantly. No waiting for UPS, FedEx or U.S. mail deliveries. No shipping and handling charges. With a DSL line or cable modem, you can start learning within a few minutes of ordering!

Available 24/7, connected or not.

Unlike “online” learning sites, the courses you purchase from The Metal Detectives University download to your hard drive so you can access them anywhere, anytime, whether you are connected to the internet or not. And unlike DVDs, you do not have to have a DVD in your drive to learn.

pLearn at your own pace.

Unlike a classroom, where you share a teacher with other students, in The Metal Detectives University, you have your instructor all to yourself!

You have total control over the learning experience. Quickly move through sections you understand, have your virtual instructor repeat steps or sections, take “lab time” and experiment whenever you wish- because you are the only student in this class.

p Perfect HD playback quality.

Unlike small, fuzzy, online movies that jerk and skip, the movies in The Metal Detectives University are large, sharp and clear and play back perfectly.

You will never have to wait and watch a “buffering” message again.

c Courses update themselves.

How often have the words in a book, or movies on a DVD that you own, changed to reflect updated information? Of course, never.

Courses in The Metal Detectives University can be updated any time the instructor feels like it. The next time you watch the course, you’ll be seeing the updated course.

lCompletely secure.

The MOD Machine offers security in purchasing no browser or phone call can match. Your credit card information is transmitted only once, highly encrypted, to Authorize.net, one of the most respected and secure payment processors, and is not transmitted or stored on our servers or anywhere else.

The Metal Detectives University is pretty self-explanatory, but here you can find brief step-by-step instructions
If you have any questions, post them in this forum or call us at 1-800-965-3976 quoting mduni.com